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About E-Assessments, Inc.

On January 1st, 2019, Dr. Stacy Myers founded E-Assessments, Inc.  The origin of E-Assessments was the sale of Advanced Management to Dr. Chuck Carringer of Chuck Carringer Executive Coaching.  AMI was a consulting and training company that was founded in Oak Ridge in 1988 and over its’ 30+ years of operation served over 400 hundred organization nationwide.  Upon the sale of Advanced Management Dr. Myers chose to continue to focus his efforts on the distribution and administration of a catalog of learning assessments published by Wiley Publishing.  To a large extent, workforce development is a self-reflective process and the Wiley organizations assessments are the best tools available to facilitate this activity. 


Wiley is the publisher of the Everything DiSC® family of products, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, and PXT Select®, a pre-employment selection assessment.  Dr. Myers began his association with Wiley in 1988 and has continued to expand his distribution and facilitation capabilities since that time.


Currently Dr. Myers has nearly 80 client companies that utilize these assessments.  In most cases the clients have their own administration site and have complete control of the administration, facilitation, and storage of the profile results.  He continues to facilitate select administrations of the profiles when needed by clients and provides the necessary support for them to be self-sufficient.


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